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3 “Health Foods” that could aggravate your acne

The first type of health food that can aggravate acne is the natural looking product that really is a bad product. That would include various types of chips that are coated with oil and heated to high temperature in an oven rather than a fryer, so they say they are “baked and not fried”. 

The second kind of health food that can aggravate acne is part of the sugar that come from wonderful natural sources like a guava or honey because they really are sugar.

Another type of health food that can aggravate acne especially to people who have sensitivities to various types of yeast are foods like kombucha, vinegar, or apple cider vinegar. It is important to know that many of the kinds of things that might be promoted on the internet or the health food store, may not be the ones that are good for you. Your body ecosystem is unique; different foods are good for different people. Find out what’s right for you by noticing how you feel after you eat.

Genetically Engineered Foods Go Unlabeled: Salmon + Eel = ?

Salmo salar. Atlantic salmon on the white backgroundIn a move apparently perhaps designed to pave the way for approval of a huge variety of genetically engineered foods–“frankenfoods”–our very own US FDA has approved the sale of a genetically engineered salmon. This salmon contain eel genes to speed up growth of the fish, getting it bigger to market, faster. This GMO “salmon” will then be both genetically modified and farmed, making it yet another step further removed from fresh, wild caught salmon. And as we’ve seen, farmed salmon has its opponents, with possible links to diabetes and more.

This approval comes about despite widespread disapproval by a huge variety of consumer groups, supermarkets, and more. There is absolutely no data on what this altered fish will do to the population who eats it, or the population of salmon in the wild, should it escape from fish farms. I worry this could create new potential causes of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

According to The New York Times, 93% of people would want their food labeled. This approval greatly undermines public confidence in the FDA–our government agency designated to protect public health. It weakens the integrity in our government’s commitment to the health of the American people and to others on the planet.

Is it time to let our legislators know that we cannot support them if they are going to support this kind of activity?

To your health,

Dr. Dattner
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