Curing Acne Naturally – My Article in Delicious Living Magazine

6a00e55255b462883401901b96b474970b-320wiI am seeing more and more people who are tired of the experienced and possible side effects of the medications that have been required to treat their acne, and want to get to the bottom of the issue and treat the causes. They are seeking a more natural treatment, and have often been motivated to take bold steps like giving up sugar and other foods they suspect are contributing to their breakouts.

It is gratifying to see that some people have even started taking various herbs and supplements useful in controlling acne.

Unfortunately, most of them achieve only limited success. They have not put together a program that successfully integrates not only the general aspects of physiologic dysfunction associated with acne, but with the specifics of their own pathway to that disorder. And often, the supplements chosen do not have the maximum effectiveness for the category of disorder they are intended to correct. They are very happy for me to put together a tailored program for them.

If my methods interest you, you will appreciate the article that quotes me called “Natural Treatment of Acne” in January 2013 (page 55-6) in Delicious Living magazine that discusses some of the methods I, and other dermatologists use to control acne naturally.

To your health,

Dr. Alan M. Dattner, MD

Holistic Dermatology
New York