Derm DX/TX Module

When I started practicing Alternative, CAM, Holistic, Integrative, functional herbal, nutritional Dermatology over 40 years ago, there were no training programs in that sub-specialty. Fortunately, there are now several training programs available in applicable general medicine and at least one in Dermatology. These can be very valuable ways to learn how to improve efficacy of care in patients who have not responded to conventional methods, or who prefer not to use them.

Having done research in Cellular Immunology for 57 years, and practiced Alternative/Integrative/Holistic Dermatology for over 40 years, I have insights into some essential concepts and methods for diagnosis and healing that seem to be omitted or poorly emphasized from conventional and even integrative medicine and dermatology. One of my goals is to explain these concepts and make them widely useable, in patient care.

I have brought both concepts and specific treatments into my Holistic dermatology that I would like to build into an augmented information system to extend the capability of a practitioner and their patient going beyond their knowledge to explore additional resources.

I am looking for others to share in creating the information matrix I have, and maybe you have, visualized. I have some unique views on specificity of inflammation from my years of cellular immunology research, which could aid in differentiation on who would best benefit from particular integrative treatments. I also have some proprietary information to benefit the system and its users, and a clear concept of how to begin to put this together.

I would like to know if you are interested in learning, using such a system, or actually partnering and building it. My goal is to initiate this adding my philosophy and experience, and turn it over to the most promising practitioners, while acting as an advisor.

If so, please send us your contact info.