Integrative Medical Treatments and Holistic Skincare Modalities I used

As a board-certified dermatologist, I have found that working with alternative medicine adds a deeper dimension to natural skincare. I take the time with each patient to find and correct the probable events which preceded the outbreak of your skin disorder, whether that’s pimples and acne, rosacea, eczema, skin cancer, or an unexplained rash. The following are some of the alternative and naturopathic skincare methods I used to diagnose and treat skin disease, along with a brief description.

  • HERBAL TREATMENT FOR THE SKIN use of botanical extracts to treat conditions with greater herbrange of safety and capability than offered by drugs alone
  • VITAMIN, MINERAL, ENZYME, AND OTHER SUPPLEMENT SUPPORT the chemical processes going on inside our cells and organs can be restored to normal balance
  • INTRAVENOUS NUTRIENTS (NYC office) dramatic results can sometime be obtained by injection of nutrients intravenously. Certain nutrients such as magnesium enter the cells at levels that would cause diarrhea if taken orally
  • DETOXIFICATION (enhancement of biotransformation and excretion) get rid of toxins, pesticides, preservatives, heavy metal, hydrocarbons, and hormone mimics, disrupting cell function
  • BIOCHEMICAL AND METABOLIC NUTRITION using an understanding of the biochemistry and physiology of the body as elated to your condition, chemicals normally made and used by the body, and the natural products containing them, can be supplemHerbs with alternative medicine herbal supplements and pillsented to make desired changes
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGY DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT allergic to substances, foods, dust, pollen, or other chemicals in their environment, leading to non-classical symptoms
  • FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE AND FUNCTIONAL DERMATOLOGY optimizing digestive and other organ function using natural substances to correct inflammation and other disease processes
  • APPLIED KINESIOLOGY uses a system of muscle response testing to assess organ dysfunction and the best treatments to correct, testing your autonomic system rather than your blood
  • ASYRA PULSE ELECTROMAGNETIC BIOFEEDBACK EVALUATION AND TREATMENT tests and treats for allergy, degenerative disturbance, metabolic and digestive imbalance, nutrition, toxic stressors, GI panel, fungi, lyme, heavy metals, and more
  • CHINESE TONGUE DIAGNOSIS visual diagnosis of signs of digestivedysfunction, and the type ofcorrection needed
  • NMT (NEURO MODULATION TECHNIQUE) assesses and corrects patterns of dysfunction and the brain/body pathways iYoung cheerful girl showing tonguenvolved, cluing your body into awareness and release
  • LANG DESENSITIZATION TECHNIQUE cold laser desensitization to viruses and substances causing inflammatory attack on one’s own body
  • TENNANT BIOMODULAR (Scenar) RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTRODIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT FOR MUSCLE, JOINT, AND OTHER INFLAMMATION evaluation of the voltage of body areas and acupuncture points, and correction by patented pulsed modulated current
  • MINOR EXCISION AND MINOR PLASTIC SURGERY as a board certified experienced dermatologist, surgical and other dermatologic treatment with a holistic consciousness, from simple biopsy to cancer removal with plastic repair

When necessary and most appropriate, I used medications including antibiotics and steroids. I also referred to dermatologists using specialized testing or treatments as required. Knowing what else is available and understanding my limitations was crucial to best care.