Are Toxins Making You Fat? Time for a natural cleanse or detoxification.

Are Toxins Making You Fat? Time for a natural cleanse or detoxification.

Could toxins be contributing to your weight gain and to your difficulty in losing weight? Well, I think they are very likely. Let’s just talk about a few different ways in which they can.

First of all, we use a lot of different pesticides and preservatives in your food supply. And unless you are eating 100% pure foods that have been grown away from civilization, you probably have accumulated a lot of those.

Also from automobile exhaust, from various kinds of paints and chemicals that are used around the home and at work for spraying, for insecticides, and all sorts of industrial locations, even if you don’t spray at home.

All of these are sources of toxins that get into your environment, and into your body. And many of them are fat soluble. So that means they are stored in the compartment of your body. So when you start losing weight and fat cells break down and release the fat, what happens to the toxins that dissolve there?

Well, in the old days, fat reduction programs usually consisted of taking diet pills and drinking diet Tab. And smoking. And were accompanied by headaches and feeling bad. And why is that? It’s because you are concentrating those toxins and body has to deal with them and some of them are going to the brain and causing you to feel lousy.

Many of the weight loss programs today involve detoxification preparations that enhance the removal of fat toxins from the body. They support the livers and the kidneys, there are herbs that are used traditionally for that purpose for centuries, and those are incorporated in some of those diet systems.

Other sources of toxins include the bacteria that live in our large intestine, especially in abnormal bacteria that can back up into the small intestine, and get out through a leaky gut. Those kinds of toxins often cause some persons to have fatigue and not to feel good. And they may also be part of bloating and other disorders. So there are a number of totally different sources of toxins that are involved in the body.

Finally, there are heavy metals that are involved in our home environment including arsenic and cadmium and other metal toxins that have the ability to compete with the normal methods that are present in our enzyme systems which break down various substances and are part of our entire metabolic cycle. So if those enzymes get gummed up with toxic minerals, they just don’t work right. And then we begin to build up all the by-products that should have been converted and disposed of by our system. Still another way in which toxins can really mess up our system.

It is important to identify the issue so that we can use the proper means for removal. In any case, it’s really helpful to have somebody who knows what they are doing, both in taking your history, looking at you and  in doing testing in order to identify and help you get rid of the toxins that are in your body that are causing you to have difficulty losing weight and to not feel your normal self.

‘Tis the Season, for Fruit in Season: Natural Skin Care with Pomegranate

6a00e55255b4628834017eea950060970d-200wiWhile sharing about natural skin care is my passion, but at this time of the year, the Holiday season, with all of its joys and stresses of family and friends, I think it is appropriate to talk heart to heart. It is certainly a time that I have been reflecting on all that I have to be grateful for, even while floating in the national and global crises and the storms of the holiday season.

So I want to offer thanks to all of those of you who have touched my life in any way, and for all of those of you whom I have had the joy of being able to help in some way or another, for that brings true joy to my life as well.

Right now, pomegranates are in season. They are big, ripe, juicy, and on sale at your local fruit and vegetable market. They have juicy purple seeds now which contain juice that has bioflavonoids which are very beneficial for your heart. The hard seeds inside, and white inner pulp, although not as tasty to eat, also contain bioflavinoids which benefit the heart and the skin by taming free-radicals. They also smooth and firm the skin by promoting collagen and elastin production.

Eating some of that white pulp inside the skin and chewing the seeds of the fresh fruit is even better for you than drinking the juice (the white pulp is where the bioflavinoids are). Now, that’s natural skincare. So pick up a few pomegranates at the market now if you are so inclined, and enjoy not only the taste, but the benefit they will bring to those very important blood vessels in your skin and your heart. Feel the joy in your heart that they are here for you in this Season.

Happy Holidays, from my heart to yours.

To your health,

Dr. Alan M. Dattner, MD

Holistic Dermatology & Integrative Medicine
New York, New York



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