Natural Skin Care Challenges the Normal American Diet

“It comes down to them total environmental causes and how the cultural specific things that we’re doing. That we don’t see because we are like in a fishbowl we say oh that’s you know. I’m on a normal diet normal American day, but did you know no American diet includes 140 pounds of sugar per person per year! That really year is something that they are species didn’t grow up with. You had to work awfully hard 150 years ago to find a hundred pounds or 150 pounds sugar to eat. We are in a situation it’s very different we call it normal. I look at many of those kinds of things make shifts in them and watch the benefits that it that occur and people who work with me have that kind of benefit.”

“I would imagine that many patients want instant gratification and they probably get that when they go to a traditional dermatologist. I would imagine your methods take a lot of time is that correct?”

“They take more time the effect is not as instant as a shot of steroids in the arm where things calm down right away but many people do experience a calming down occurring you know within the days and weeks after they have start the program. The nice thing is it doesn’t go away when they start putting something on their skin.”