Is there a Natural Cure for Acne? ~ Holistic Acne Treatment

Is there a cure for acne?

That is really one of the questions that has been asked so many times, certainly by teenagers, certainly by drug companies and the question still stands out there. Now, there are many different types of treatments that can make acne get under control. However, the problem is that it often comes back. I think that the biggest issue is that acne is not just a condition.

Acne┬áis a symptom showing that something is “off” in the body. The cure for acne is getting that rebalanced so that the body no longer needs to produce that inflammation that has been going on. This is the start of holistic acne treatment.

Going Paleo? Consider this instead… [part 1]

Depositphotos_11071988_xsOne of the hottest trends today is the Paleo diet.  My first thought is a vision of so many bearded young men and their women, with wild veggies in one hand, crowded around to get a charred piece of meat from the latest Mastodon kill.

More to the point, the Paleo diet represents a 180 degree shift from the food world of junk foods, pesticides, colorings, and additives that complicates knowing which of these things is accumulating to the point of messing up your health and the way that you feel. It is also a dramatic shift from the high grain vege diets that a few people seem to be able to thrive on. Most of all, it eliminates sugar of various sorts that is consumed in epidemic excess in our society.

As a holistic doctor, I have some strong opinions about this diet and what effects it might have on the skin. What I like about the Paleo diet is that it gets away from many of the foods that aggravate environmental illness and overgrowth of yeast in the body. Eliminating sugar, refined carbs, bread, wine and beer and processed foods is the core of the diet I recommend for my patients. A

diet high in vegetables, with meat or fish for protein works well for those who have sensitivity to lectins in grains and beans, and reactions dairy products that they have eaten nearly every day of their life.  

In my next post, I'll share where I think Paleo misses the mark.

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Dr. Alan M. Dattner
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