Got Warts? ~ Integrative Dermatology Treatment

Got Warts? ~ Integrative Dermatology Treatment

Let’s talk a little bit about warts and integrative dermatology. Now warts can be very annoying because they are just have an appearance that is unusual and of course some people don’t want to touch other people with them. So we know that they are caused by a virus. And that virus can actually be transmitted.

If they’re at the bottom of your feet they can be very hard to get rid of. And the virus can be transmitted by scraping off a little bit, so that material when you are walking around a swimming pool or a cement area. So of course prevention involves both the person with warts wearing sneakers or slippers when they are walking around the bathing area, and  people who don’t want to get it wearing slippers in those areas.

One way of treating them is to destroy them: burn them, freeze them. And that may work.

But if you have the virus, it can keep coming back. So the other part of getting rid of warts is enhancing somebody’s immune system so that it gets rid of it.

Various supplements like vitamin A can be helpful but there are a variety of other things that can be useful to boost ones immune system to help get rid of them either without treatment or in conjunction with conventional dermatologic treatments that can be used to destroy the warts.

Could Inflammation Be Causing the Rash on Your Skin? ~ Functional Dermatology

Could Inflammation Be Causing Your Skin Problem?

In functional dermatology, we examine the entire system of the organs and the body as a whole. We see that inflammation is the cause of most of the rashes and skin conditions with itching and redness in the skin, and with scaling, and even blisters. There are different kinds of immune responses that lead to each of these conditions and there are also different kinds of responses where the tissues themselves cause individual reactions you see as very different skin conditions.

It’s important to understand both how the physiology of how your skin works and how the immune system is reacting when you have inflammatory problems. This is the place where a good understanding of immunology is very helpful.

I have been very fortunate to have been involved in the area of cellular immunology and delayed hypersensitivity for many decades. It’s helped my perspective and seeing how conditions can be improved by getting at the underlying conditions that are there and causing difficulties. Be sure you find someone who understands this when you are trying to dig deeper to get to the cause of your inflammatory condition and treat it and get it better so that your whole body improves as well and including inflammation that can cause damage to other organs in your body.

Use your skin as an indicator of your health so it can lead you to the best overall heath possible.

New light on the Brain-Immune System link

magnifyingglassA recent discovery has show that the lymphatic system, previously thought not to involve the brain, actually extends into the brain.

From my illnesses as a boy, I had such a strong sense that the mind influenced illness, that I began to look for and actually do studies on the relationship between the brain and the immune system. Back around 1970, I began visiting researchers in the field of what both Dr. George Solomon (and Alfred Amkraut) called “psychoimmunology.” I wrote a protocol for such a study at Langly Porter Institute in San Francisco, and later got a small grant to do a study at Albert Einstein COM on Psychologic factors and breast cancer.

This field later took on the more legitimate title of “Psycho-neuro-immunolgy”, bolstered by studies on conditioning the immune response by conditioning, done by Dr Robert Ader at the University of Rochester.

A major step in further demonstrating the validity of this connection between the brain and the immune system came from work by Dr Candace Pert, a neuroscientist who teamed up with her Immunologist husband to show that substances secreted by one organ could affect other organs in the body, including the brain and the immune system.

So it is fascinating to see that yet another link has been discovered between the brain and the immune system, a connection I have watched become more recognized as real over the past 5 decades.

To your health,

Alan M Dattner, MD

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