Anti-aging: the newest study on keeping your skin young…

Enjoyment. Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Girl OutdoorGreat news about exercise and your skin: stay active and you’ll look younger! A series of scientific studies by Mark A. Tarnopolsky, MD. He recently showed that 3 month of vigorous exercise in older individuals actually causes the skin to look younger, both grossly and microscopically, and to have more collagen and other characteristics of younger skin.

All of this emerged out of his study of the mitochondria (energy-producers inside cells) in mice. In one set of mice with defective mitochondria, their skin aged dramatically if they were sedentary. But with regular exercise, the mice looked normal, without the aged skin. So he studied humans. He found exercise helps us overcome mitochondrial defects, too. The lesson here is that keeping an active life style with vigorous exercise on a regular basis will make you and your skin look younger.

To your health,

Dr. Dattner
Holistic Dermatology & Integrative Medicine
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