3 Secrets for Curing Acne on Your Lunch Break, Naturally

Depositphotos_43286605_xsReplacing acne-causing foods with skin friendly foods can make a big difference in your appearance, over time. A clean diet makes for a clean face. A diet filled with vegetables is a great natural acne cure.

1. Salad! At lunch, have a delicious salad topped with grilled chicken or fish instead of a pizza. If you are vegetarian, consider a rice and bean dish with celery or red pepper chopped in. If you need a real pick me up, consider juicing vegetables to make a green smoothie. Throwing in a little bit of protein powder can make this work as a meal.

2. Protein! If nuts work for you, almonds or almond butter can be the protein source in your lunch. A sandwich on yeast-free bread, with a thin slice of banana on top, may be just the thing you need for a quick lunch. For some people, a little tofu can be added to soups salads or rice for extra protein.

3. Vegetables! Be sure to fire up the steamer pot and steam some fresh broccoli cauliflower, zucchini or other quick cooking vegetable for lunch, and if possible for every meal. Tossing that vegetable with a little bit of oil and lemon juice and a touch of salt can make it a pleasure to eat rather than a chore. If you prepare vegetables in that way, they can be put aside in the refrigerator and heated up as part of your lunch in the next day or two after you made it in. This way, lunch can be both quick to prepare, and healthy, and your face will grow clearer and more free of acne.

To your health,

Dr. Dattner,

Holistic Dermatology & Integrative Medicine

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