Going Paleo? Consider this instead… [part 2]

Depositphotos_14134412_xsMy concerns with the paleo diet include the possibility of eating too much meat in order to have to burn protein for energy, eating too much saturated fats. Charred meat may be tasty for some, but a steady diet of charred altered animal proteins may be a lead in to cancer or autoimmune disease in the unlucky few. And too much fruit can lead to sugar, insulin, and yeast overgrowth issues.

Elaine Gottschauk was a pioneer in writing about the benefits of grain free diets. Before her, there was book on the mucus-less diet by Arnold Ehert. There have always been individuals who, at least under certain conditions, such as allergy and cold season, seemed to benefit from cutting out grains and milk and eggs.

The bigger issue is understanding your specificity and conditions, and knowing what part of the Paleo diet to adhere to. Raw vegetables may not work well if you do not have sufficient digestive fire.  

For some people, grains like brown rice in moderate quantities may be helpful for energy, to spare your burning your muscle protein as a very inefficient source of energy. In short, the Paleo diet has benefits and avoids many allergens and toxins of today. But the strictness of adherence to the definition of this diet really depends on a number of specific individual characteristics of the individual.

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