Success Stories & Testimonials from Patients

“Dr. Dattner is an extremely gifted physician who helped me recover from a painful and disfiguring skin disorder. When I first met with Dr. Dattner, my lips were dry, cracked, inflamed, and bleeding so extremely I had to wear a surgical mask. 

He was able to identify and treat holisticially the autoimmune damage from which I suffered. Within days, my skin improved so dramatically, I no longer needed to cover my face. Sleep was finally possible due to reduction of inflammation. 

Progress steadily continued due to Dr. Dattner’s extraordinary attentiveness and care. With gratitude and appreciation, I have only the highest recommendation for Dr. Dattner.”  -MK, New York



“Dr. Dattner’s vitamin regiment and acne diet really worked. My skin cleared completey. Thank you.” -DF, Connecticut



“I just want to thank you for the all you did for me. I’m totally healed. No bumps or lumps on my face. You did magic. My skin feels and looks so much better all over even on my body.

I’ve received amazing results from your treatment: my face is now clear of rosacea, perioral dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and the stubborn itchiness that affected me for years. I have absolutely no trace of any skin condition. Thank you so much for spending your time and energy to heal me. I’m very grateful.” -MP, New York



“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your herbal remedy to fight my severe acne condition.After my visit with you, I tried your herbal remedy, and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skin. I had a lot of breakouts particularly on my nose, one of the most visible areas on the face on a weekly basis. Now, my face has cleared up tremendously, and I feel so much happier.

Having battled acne for years, I had stress–and the acne gave me even more stress. You are the answer to my prayers. In the past I have tried many different remedies, going to other dermatologists who only prescribed antibiotics, which can be a health hazard over a period of time.

I feel so much safer taking herbal remedies.” -JoC, New York



“After decades of struggling with fatigue, colds, and muscle ache, I can finally say I have my life back. 

I came to see Dr. Dattner after seeking treatment from a dermatologist for a condition called piityriasis rosea, which appeared as red welts and is very itchy. A dermatologist tested me for allergies and other conditions and told me there was nothing to do except wait it out. In my case, nine months later, neither applied and I was miserable. It was so bad I couldn’t work.

Under the care of Dr. Dattner, within 3 weeks I was welt-free and itch-free. Dr. Dattner also helped other health problems I was experiencing for years: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, gastritis, constipation and acid reflux. Because treatment has been so successful, I am now working once again. Even better yet I have eliminated naps, which were vital to my daily functioning. I have even escaped colds and flu I used to get throughout the winter season, without an annual flu vaccine.” -BV, New York



“Visiting Dr. Dattner was the best health decision I have ever made.

I had suffered with acne and skin problems for most of my life. Like many people, I have been to dozens of dermatologists and have been mistreated or misdiagnosed numerous times. Some doctors said I had Eczema, some said I had rosacea. I felt as though I was being treated like a “guinea pig” since with each visit I was given a different form of antibiotic or topical solution that made my skin worse.

I gave up hope and tried to do my own research. That’s when I came across Dr. Dattner’s holistic approach. After considerable thought I decided to make an appointment. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made, because in the one hour that I spent with him he diagnosed what others could not do for so many years. His holistic approach is top notch and I have no regrets. Now I am truly on my way to recovery! Thank you Dr. Dattner!!” -Anthony M. Bronx NY



“Dear Dr. Dattner, I’m feeling well these days–stomach is better, no skin eruptions for the moment.Thanks for everything. All best,” -GB, New York



“I used to have heartburn. I awoke with pain or had pain in the abdomen 2-3 times per day. Dr Dattner suggested that I take a particular herb, andI haven’t had abdominal pain since I began taking it.” -EL, New York