Treating skin naturally: what is right for your body? Part 2

6a00e55255b462883401a73d90a99a970d-200wiHow can you tell what is the best treatment for your body, even when experts don’t agree?
There are so many conflicting opinions and facts in the sphere of health that it can be difficult to tell what’s right to eat, wear, etc. Some swear by avoiding wheat and gluten, some eat only raw foods. Some say dark chocolate is good for you, others say it causes acne.

Part of the answer comes in asking the questions: how much, for whom, and when? Sun exposure benefits come with small amounts of exposure, and what you can tolerate depends on your skin color. Except where there is an absolute toxicity or specific sensitivity, most regularly used products have an ideal level of exposure. Too little water and we dry our; too much and we drown. More on this in part three.

To your health,

Dr. Alan M. Dattner, MD
Holistic Dermatology

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