Spiritual Health, Part 3

6a00e55255b4628834017d431fd966970c-320wiSome level of cooperation and compromise between polar opposites based on common goals and commonalities in a shared vision is necessary to bring about a healthy future for everyone. That includes not only the poor but also the wealthiest people on Earth, all of whom have the potential to understand how their own lives could be better by making more enlightened choices for personal, community, and world health in their sphere of influence.

If you are someone who has perhaps given up hope in the past, feeling that your care for your health and the environment was a lone cry in the wilderness, I want to offer a new possibility for you. That you are not alone, and it is worth stepping up to taking a stand for what you care about.

I am finding that I can feel the hand of Spirit in my own life, when I bring that Light into my heart and my actions. I am beginning to realize that I am, I could be, the kind of person I have always wished I could be. I want to invite you to join in the flow of those who feel and act as I do and want to do. Join me in becoming one of the millions, perhaps billions of other humans and creatures on this planet who are doing the same.

If you or someone you know is ready for a transformation, inside and out, contact me at my office here.

To your health,

-Dr. Dattner

Holistic  & Integrative Dermatology
New York

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