Spiritual Health, Part 2

6a00e55255b4628834017d431fda38970c-320wiOur very health and survival is based not only on our own personal choices, but on how healthy our options are in the “soup” of our environment in which we eat, breathe, and swim. The trail we leave behind in that soup, individually and collectively, determines how healthy we and those around us will be for generations to come.

I believe that there are millions of us who wish to leave a clean, healthy trail in our wake, or better yet, to leave no trace of pollution after we’re gone.

And I believe that there are billions of us, no matter what their creed and affiliation, who want to have the highest possible degree of health, well-being, productiveness, and longevity for themselves, their children, grandchildren and communities at large.

-To your health,

-Dr. Dattner

Holistic & Integrative Dermatology
New York

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