Spiritual Health, Part 1

6a00e55255b4628834017eea9438e1970d-320wiScience is an important foundation of our understanding of the truth. Through science, we understand the “how” and some of the “why” of medicine and healing. Yet, there are other foundation stones that are also important. For example, many cultures have created valuable forms of science and medicine (in this case, by “science” I mean methodical study). Asian cultures created incredibly precise and methodical forms of medicine like acupuncture and ayruveda, through a completely different set of cultural understandings.

Our western version of science should never be our only guiding light, because the application, emphasis, and direction of science depends on the level of intentions of those who apply it.

Also, science is a constant rapid expansion; each year, we are tracking and studying smaller and smaller events–every seven years, we have an entirely new palate of factors we use to direct our studies. Western science is beginning to “catch up” to Asian philosophies in the past decade, in the way that we have begun to move from thinking in terms of chains of events to interactive symphonies of factors. Our leading mathematics of understanding, now explores probabilities rather than direct proof of cause.

To your health,

-Dr. Dattner

Holistic & Integrative Dermatology
New York

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